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Calypso Dream


So I did get my self a SIM in Second Life finally.

It helps me to get busy in positive and creative way in Second Life.

It is always fun to come up with something new for the sim OR even talking to those who come and visit the SIM.


Calypso Dream consist of few area with each unique design, The beach, The library, The cafe and My house which is on top of the hill looking down almost to all directions from the Island.

If you feel like visiting the sim, click the following SLURL to bring you right to the sim:

Calypso Dream

16780645983_412880b40f_oI am so glad that Calypso Dream has her own regular visitors that keep updating their photo collections with the sim scene as the back ground. If you want to check some of the photo taken by the visitors of Calypso Dream, click the following link :

Calypso Dream on Flickr

17035090472_d04b8c740b_oLastly check out the videos done by one of our lovely visitor to Calypso. Malu Zhao.

Calypso Dream Part 2 Calypso Dream Part 1

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