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My Cybernetic home …


locationInsilico North Tower

Snapshot_002 Snapshot_004Snapshot_020a

Snapshot_011 Snapshot_018 Snapshot_020 Snapshot_021 Snapshot_022 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_024 Snapshot_025TittlerPsiNanna HoloComputer Terminal (Touch, Mute) B

Bazar – Traveler-Roman amphora, Traveler-Plant1, Traveler-Greek vase, Traveler-Night stand, Traveler-Lamp, Traveler-Book&Clock, Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02, Toronto-Dining room lamp, Toronto-Closet, Stockholm-Bedroom painting 01, Stockholm-Bicycle on the wall (decor), Stockholm-Typewriter, Stockholm-Bedroom ,cabinet, Stockholm-Bedroom Books 01

Apple Fall – AF Fern Specimen, AF Unknown Specimen, AF Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame, AF Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame (Portrait), AF Interior Plant

.:revival:. – .:revival:. oh deer, .:revival:. metal chair 01, .:revival:. boho tray black, .:revival:. metal chair 02

Junk – junk. plant stand, junk. bartlet rug. two.

Kalopsia – Kalopsia – Lifespan Painting, Vagabond – Julie’s Bed (PG)

Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Mandala} #1

[noctis] – [noctis] MESH Painting: Auguste Charles Mengi1 sappho, [noctis] Rupert Bunny Sweet idleness, [noctis] MESH Painting: JWaterhouse/hylas and the nymphs

BALACLAVA!! Metal Framed Mirror (lean/floor)

Trompe Loeil – Paxton Canvases 2

Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books, Zaara [home] : 9 Succulent plants

=Mirage Croton Plant – Arabic Set

[ keke ] –  glitter frames, [ keke ] cluster of bulbs – chrome – maxi

floorplan. payphone / silver

Holographic Command Display

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