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Yes I am graduating soon from this school, however I will not be available for the graduation ceremony as I will spend my holiday in RL. I am going to Tokyo for some days to enjoy the scenery and what Tokyo got to offer. I am going to miss this great opportunity with VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE. It was an amazing experience for me and I really appreciate all the skills I gained from this school.

pg3VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE helps me find my inner voice the way my eyes see an object of scenery in front of my eyes and capture the essence of beauty of that exact moment on pictures. It is the taste and style that I found the most from my classes with this amazing Institute. I am glad I took the classes. Wren and Nariko really guided us to see how a beautiful composition. We share so many experiences, observing other people works and drive our own taste and conclusion from those exposures. This is precious, and I am glad I met them, Wren and Nariko are really on the ball when come to the subject they are talking about, they are rich of information and sources that enrich our experience with SL photography.

pg1I love how I grow to love making stories through pictures and emphasize my own taste and style of every works I do and feel proud about it. SL photography is a way for me to express myself in good way, it is my best companion in second life as it allows me to tell myself honestly and allow the public to know the insight of me through my work. You might not know me for real as a person, but you somehow understand what are the things I try to share, show or tell to you through my works.

PicMonkey Collageplease come over and see my galery for my graduation work.



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