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Retro Camping Set from The Dreamer Creations


The Dreamer Creations comes up with a new retro camping set. The set includes two chairs, one bed, one tent and a table. Each of them are low land impact and prims and come with multi texture option for you to choose. All of them are into retro theme. The set comes in two version PG and Adult. This camping set includes : Camping chairs – 2 LI each,Camping bed – 4 LI
and Tent – 7 LI. Each item has a multitexture menu so you can change the fabric. Touch the furniture for more 4 seconds (hold left mouse button) and the HUD button for color option will appear.

Snapshot_004The camping chairs contains :
– 13 single animations
– 12 cuddles animations (1 being a scene)
– 16 adult animations (Adult version only)

Snapshot_005Snapshot_002Snapshot_003TP Here for The Dreamer Creations shop in world

TittlerThe Dreamer Creations Tent – Multitexture

The Dreamer Creations Camping Bed – Adult

The Dreamer Creations Camping table

The Dreamer Creations Camping chair

HeadHunter’s Island – MESH Watermelon milkshake giver

HeadHunter’s Island – Authentic Box of records

HeadHunter’s Island – Hawaii Acoustic Guitar – 2010

HeadHunter’s Island – Coco cola drink – cooler box

dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . bananas

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