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New! Hammock Wooden Hut CHEZ MOI

Snapshot_011aIt’s Summer!!! What is summer without the beach, the hut, some cooler and cycling along the coast against the cool breeze. CHEZ MOI came up with the new wooden hut completed with fully animated hut and cushion. The animation is for single user, cuddling poses for couple as well as some adult poses. All together only cost you 34 prims. To get this stuff, please TP to the main shop.

CHEZ MOI main shopSnapshot_011

Snapshot_009Snapshot_007Tittlerjunk. boho spring bench.

xin + toro / Rideable Fixie Bicycle (Mustard)

xin + toro / Rideable Fixie Bicycle (Soil)

Coco cola drink – cooler box

{what next} Flat Surfboard Prop for girls

{what next} Surfboard Prop for boys

[we’re CLOSED] party lights L

Second Spaces – vintage bike rentals sign

Vitamin color summer dessert [ NEW! @TheSeasonStory ]

Sari-Sari – Bohemian Summer – Cactus and Candles [ NEW! @TheSeasonStory ]

Sari-Sari – Bohemian Summer – Lanterns [NEW! @TheSeasonStory ]

[ keke ] milk jug flowers – white [ NEW! @TheSeasonStory ]

Seven Emporium – 7 – Turntable Boombox TT-X9-1000

Indie Teepee – Ukelele – Wood Etched – Owl

Hammock Wooden Hut CHEZ MOI [ NEW!!!! ]

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