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Chez Moi Abracadabra Tree and Wicked Tea Party, for Tres Chic!

booya!here it comes another awesomeness from Chez Moi that you can get on Tres Chic event

Wicked Tea Party CHEZ MOI, including:

  • CHAIR: 4 Land Impact each chair
    14 animations (female and male)
    Texture-change options: 9 textures to choose by menu controlled
  • TABLE: 3 Land Impact
    – Macaroon and Tea: 19 LI
    – Cupcake: 11 LI
    Tap the table to display the menu
  • PUMPKIN CANDLE: 6 Land Impact
  • FLOATING TEA POT: 3 Land Impact

and another exclusive ABRACADABRA TREE, including:

  • Tree: 19 land impact
  • Floating Book: 4 land impact
  • Room for 1-5 people
  • 4 animations

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