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// The Art of Procrastination, Di’Cor New Release //


I am an accountant, but I had quit my job for sometimes and end up taking care things at home while playing SL :p

Usually around this month of the year I will be busy preparing company audit. It is one thing I don’t like the most!

A lot of work, make sure all the journals are all tied and properly documented.

So Yeah! This is what it looks when I am having my good time procrastinating in style


This new set from Di’Cor is named Ken’s Living Room Set

They are going to be available at 6 Republic Event, click here for TP


This set consist of the following

Di’cor Ken’s Beanbag in 4 Colors with 16 male and female single sits [6 LI] with and without blanket option (Click on the blanket to turn it off or on)

Di’Cor Ken’s Corded Rug with 9 texture change options (Click on it to get the texture menu) [10 LI]

Di’Cor Ken’s Speaker Table [3 LI]

Di’cor Ken’s Pipe Lamp [4 LI] with Light On and Off Options

Di’Cor Cassette Table [3 LI]




to check out more of Di’Cor products check out the following links


Flickr Group

Market Place


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