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// LouLou Teichmann <33 //



[ please note all the images here are taken from LouLou Teichman Flickr Stream, here ]

I remember when I first encounter LouLou work on FLICKR sometimes ago, I fall in love straight away with her awesome details, colors, imagination and smooth gradient of soft color tones. This picture ….


and when I went to VISIONAIRE school her name was mentioned too for few times as inspiring FLICKR artist. I follow her work without fail, I could not make something beautiful as her, It takes a lot of works to come up with the whole setting, editing and inspiration. I always wonder how did she do all this.


Not only she is a beautiful person but she is very humble as well. That is one thing that strike me. It was really a nice surprise for me few weeks ago LouLou sent me IM and ask me if I want to blog for her brand, Bahaus Movement. Of course you know for sure what is my answer …. She is one of my idol in FLICKR, to get IM from her in world is really made my day. Thank you <333


some days after that while I was working on my picture, LouLou IM me, and asked me if I want to take picture with her for her coming post. “OMG! ” I scream ear to ear … It was my dream to see how she created her piece in second life. It is a dream come true for me. So we did take this wonderful picture, I watch her work and we chat a bit too here and there. I am really grateful to meet someone like her. Thank you so much for the opportunity. <33333

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  1. My Manis, you very kind to me really,.. I am speechless, don’t have words enough for thanking you. You are awesome person and you know why I wanted you as my blogger! I see how much love you put in your works and always when i look at your pictures i feel peace inside!!
    Thank a lot my dear!




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