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// New beach living series from Goose //


sea breeze, lazy sunday, weekend gateway is what I think of this set

GOOSE – Juara Beach House – SEA la VIE bedroom set is available at the Gacha Garden


on this set I am using the following on top of the items from Sea La Vie set ..

Di’Cor Ken’s Beanbag (Brown)

Di’Cor Ken’s Corded Rug

Di’Cor Garden Planter


LISP – Mesh Blinds Wide Long – Beech

LISP – Mesh Blinds Wide Short – Beech

TA Majestic Clothing Rack

TA Messy Dress

junk. potted tree.

[ keke ] bottled roses – red

Bazar – California-Poster 01, 02, 03

Bazar – California-Surf Motel Sign

Bazar – California-Surf boards rack

Bazar – Traveler-Bag 1

Kalopsia – Clothes Pile 1

Kalopsia – Clothes Pile 4

Kalopsia – Hanging Pants 1

Kalopsia – Hanging Large Shirt 1

(Milk Motion) tennis sneakers – men – white/pink

and check out all the items from this set by GOOSE


Cheers <333

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