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// Visiting Kimbra’s house //


Visiting home decor in world is always a joy for me, especially when there are just too much beautiful details around, just like this house curated by Kimbra Iridescent, click here to visit her flickr and here for her blog. Kim [ that is how I call her ] is one of LTD Stylist, and this house is featured at the current edition by LTD, click here to check them out, and flip to page 182 on ward to check this house.


Now I want to keep the pictures of the rooms inside the house for my own collection. I had asked Kim’s permission for this. So here we go, bare in mind I am not going to give credit or anything on each of the pictures. It will just pictures, and you can easily visit this house yourself in world, click here for the TP to the house.


I can see that Kim had worked a lot on every pieces of the items on this house. She had modified some of them, retexturing them to make them so unique and original pieces. I am amazed with her details and patient to work on every corners of the house. There is no empty space at all. I remember when I took art class, the teacher keep mentioning to us, no white space ….. no white space ….. and this is exactly what I had seen in this house.

living room

Her attention to detail is not just on the wall but the ceiling too. Basically I enjoy 360 degree view inside this house so much. There are so many things I want to list and go to find them in world ….


I did not edit this picture at all, they are as they are in world, the only thing I did is move the slider for the sun and that is all. If you enjoy playing decor in Second Life, this house is a must to visit for inspiration and observation.


I love how she put detail on her staircase too. This house felt real and really really comfortable for living inside. I love the whole ambiance and mood this house gave me.


I love this bathroom, I can imagine spending my time reading while taking a bath in that warm water. And if you see the detail around it, you can even imagine the flower scent all around the room. Beautiful beautiful …..


I love how Kim played with colors in each room, it gave them a unique touch and special theme. Her choices of color is so natural and relaxing.


I hope you find these rooms inspiring and move your heart to actually TP there and see the house yourself. Once again, click here for the TP to the house in world.

Thank you Kimbra for sharing your creative imagination with us. <3333

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