About Us

Sarah Koestner

I offer one-on-one training in a steady and comprehensively disapproved of climate that urges understudies to turn out to be more valiant entertainers. I’m enthusiastic about the art of acting and am anxious to assist you with understanding your maximum capacity. My showing theory consolidates Meisner method, Linklater and MVM voice work, as well as Michael Chekhov procedure. I additionally utilize comprehensive systems to get you feeling engaged and associated with your inventiveness. I have my MFA in Acting from Rutgers College where I examined with William Esper and Lloyd Richards, among others. I’m likewise an instructor of the Mill operator Voice Technique and tutored under Scott Mill operator, teacher of voice at NYU’s lofty Alumni Acting System. I’ve instructed at Rutgers College Artisan Gross School of Artistic expression and New York Film Foundation.