Fashion&Style Styles

Fashion&Style is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to fashion scholarship and popular culture. Articles in any topic related to fashion and style are welcome. If you have something to say about fashion, leave a comment below. Fashion&Style will treat every comment with respect. Here are some examples of styles: Exotic: Ankara style is a mix of Western and African fashion. Those who want to express their creative nature should embrace this style.

Gothic: The term “Gothic” refers to a style that combines morbidity and mystery. It draws inspiration from gothic literature and music. This style usually features black clothing, make-up, and shoes. The clothes should be tight fitting and show some skin. This style can be a great choice for a themed party or just an everyday event.

Androgynous: Another term for androgynous fashion is “gender-neutral.” This term refers to clothes and accessories that are appropriate for either gender. The clothing may be tailored to match the gender of the wearer, but the overall look should be suited to the occasion. This style is usually associated with men’s clothes.

Preppy: The preppy style emerged in the early 1960s. It originated in North America and is still popular in the Western world. Preppy clothing includes button-down oxfords and khakis. Polo shirts and henley shirts are also common, as are polo shirts and crew neck sweaters.

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